REG Excellence

The REG Excellence Framework is based on a comprehensive set of standards that facilitate an organisation’s journey towards excellence in transport activity management.

The REG Excellence Framework will highlight the relationships between the drivers of performance and the desired results, with a strong focus on community outcomes and the delivery of benefits.

Since 2012, REG has developed many resources, tools, and learning and development programmes to support the sector’s capability and drive for excellence.

The REG Excellence Framework will assist an organisation to measure performance and realise goals and objectives that are aligned with national plans, policy statements, strategic objectives, current (and future) requirements and the long term plan.

Other elements of the framework will include:

  • ensuring that key stakeholder requirements are appropriately addressed
  • high-level guidance - at a decision-making level is aligned with the Regional Land Transport Plan, National Land Transport Programme, and One Network Road Classification.

The Framework measures alignment with organisational strategies and key processes, and that they align with the overall business direction.

It will also assist with identifying improvement opportunities to address in the activity management plan (AMP), while reviewing an organisation's current and projected performance against strategic goals and objectives.

When will the Excellence Framework be ready?

The REG partnership is finalising development of the Excellence Framework. With the disruption of COVID-19 we have altered an existing delivery plan.

The launch of the Excellence Framework is now scheduled for 2021.

Some councils may still wish to trial the programme early.  We are motivated to work with these councils and incorporate the ‘early adopter’ work into our continued testing and refinement.

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